Kembla System Components

MM Kembla Integrated Piping Systems are the combination of the highest quality system components manufactured and sourced by MM Kembla. All products are produced to strict MM Kembla quality controls and specifications, internatonal standards and are managed by an ISO 9001 accredited Quality Management System. Such quality controls have been built on over 100 years of manufacturing experience to deliver the highest quality piping systems and a dedicated MM Kembla system project warranty.

For more information on MM Kembla system products, please refer to the product pages on this website or contact us on 1800 804 631 or

Tube & Pipe

MM Kembla's high quality tube and pipes are fundamental components of any plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration and medical gas service. Tube and pipe are available in the following materials to many international standards:

  • Kembla Copper Tube
  • Kembla 316L Stainless Steel
  • KemPex Cross Linked Polyethylene (PEX-a) - New Zealand only

The highest quality fittings are available for all MM Kembla tube and pipes. All fittings are manufactured and tested to stringent international standards and Watermark certified for use in Australia.

  • KemPress Copper press fittings
  • MM Kembla copper capillary fittings
  • KemPress Stainless Steel press fittings
  • KemPex crimp fittings
  • KemPex slide fittings

Premium pre-insulated annealed paircoil for use on split system air conditioners. Paircoil containing thermal insulation and condensation prevention for improved energy efficiency and system performance. Available in standard cross linked closed cell polythelene and premium fire retardant in closed cell elastomeric nitrile rubber foram. All sizes suitable for high pressure R410A refrigerant.

  • MM Kembla PairCoil
  • MM Kembla PairCoiMax

A comprehensive range of muli-purpose fire retardant elastomeric thermal insluation and accessories. MM Kembla Insulation has a built in vapour barrier and closed cell structure, is highly resistant to water vapour transmission, improves energy efficieny, dust & fibre free, HCFC-CFC free and has an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero.

  • 2 metre fire retardant tubular insulation
  • 2 metre fire retardadant high temperature tubular insulation
  • Fire retardant continuos coils
  • Pre-cut fire retardamt insulation sheets
  • Adhesives, tapes & pipe supports
Pipe Supports

The tube won't hang itself. MM Kembla's range of high quality pipe clamps, base plates and hammerhead bolts for use with copper, steel and stainless steel tube for sizes 12mm up to 159mm.

  • Rubber lined zinc plated pipe clamps with M8/M10 combi boss
  • Rubber lined & unlined 316Ti Stainless Steel pipe clamps with M10 boss
  • 316Ti Stainless Steel & Zinc plated base plates with M8/M10 thread
  • Galvanised hammerhead bolts with M10 threaded stud for use with clamps and channel struts