KemDrain™ Stainless Floor Drains

KemDrain™ Stainless Floor Drains are hygienic, durable and hydraulically efficient systems for use in industrial drainage lines, food processing plants.

KemDrain™ Stainless Floor Drains are available in 200mm and 300mm square and round grated versions with standard 110mm and 160mm outlets, with epoxy filled edges standard, Watermark compliant internal water traps, shallow or deep primary strainer baskets, tamper proof secondary screens and a variety of gratings, including anti-slip designs.

Features & Benefits
  •  Fast and easy installation
  •  Hygienic design features
  •  Hydraulically efficient
  •  Strong and durable
  •  Watermark certified (WM # 23231)
  •  1.5 mm 316L sheet material for strength and durability
  •  Quality TIG welded construction
  •  200 mm and 300 mm inlets with square and round tops and 110 mm and 160 mm outlets
  •  Provision for fixing of optional tamper proof secondary screens in outlets
  •  Epoxy filled edges are standard on square top drains and solid stainless steel edges are standard on round top drains, ensuring easier installation and improved durability
  •  A range of grates to suit various traffic conditions including anti-slip
  •  Optional low profile or deep, high capacity strainer baskets
  •  Full 75mm seal depth, Watermark compliant, removable water trap option, with easy clean functionality


 For more information please refer to the KemDrain™ Stainless Design & Installation Guide.