KemDrain™ Stainless Linear Drainage Channels

KemDrain™ Stainless Linear Drainage Channel systems provide all of the benefits of 316L stainless steel and easy weld-free installation, with hygienic design features and hydraulic efficiency.

Available in a range of grated channels from 110mm to 410mm widths.

KemDrain™ Stainless linear drainage channels are custom designed for each project, incorporating built-in fall and modular, bolted connections for channels greater than 4m in length.

Features & Benefits
  • Hygienic design features and hydraulically efficient
  • Strong and durable TIG welded 316L stainless steel, 2mm thick for grated channels and 1.5mm for slot channels construction
  • Slot drain and grated channels from 110 mm up to 410 mm grate widths
  • Fully customised to suit your project
  • Drainage fall built-in
  • Fast and simple design and approval process
  • Epoxy filled edges are standard, ensuring easier installation and improved durability
  • Levelling feet and anchorage tabs provided
  • A range of grates to suit various traffic conditions including anti-slip and heel safe
  • Easy access for cleaning and hygienic design with rounded internal edges, v-profile invert and replaceable gratings
  • Integrated strainer baskets and water traps available or the floor drain outlets.


 For more information please refer to the KemDrain™ Stainless Design & Installation Guide.