The Kembla Difference

What makes Kembla Refrigeration & HVAC copper tube different from the rest? The copper tube making process is much more complex than one might imagine and studies show that some brands in the Australian market are taking this for granted and failing to conform to AS/NZ 1571.  Kembla applies its 100 years of experience and stringent quality control systems to ensure every length of copper tube is manufactured to Australian Standards, never compromising on our promise of Quality, Relibility and Service. [Read More]

Copper Tube Ain't Copper Tube

Not all copper tube is created equal and installing brands of copper tube that do not consistently conform to AS1432 can result in costly consequences that increase risk and liability for plumbers, builders, developers, designers and merchants.  [Read More]


Copper. It's In Fashion.

Historically, copper tube has been most commonly used in plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration and medical gas applications; universally praised for its reliability, resilience, versatility, energy saving, health and eco friendly attributes. In recent times however, copper is becoming increasingly in demand for its aesthetic beauty; bringing modest copper tube to the forefront of design material in a myriad of platforms. [Read More]

Press-Fit: The cost of not making the switch

Studies show that Copper Press-Fit is 21% faster and 10% cheaper than copper brazed fittings, allowing your business to secure future opportunities and increase profitability. [Read More]