KemPress® KPL2 Tool

MM Kembla are pleased to announce the arrival of the next generation KemPress® Large Tool, the KPL2. Like its first generation predecessor, the KPL2 is suitable for pressing DN15-DN100 KemPress® Copper press-fittings. The new KPL2 comes with all the features synonymous with the KemPress® tool range plus further improvements, making the KemPress® system even faster and easier!

Additional features & improvements
  • Higher Performance - Up to 40% more pressing per battery charge
  • Smaller and Easier - 23mm shorter and a weight of only 2.8kg
  • Longer Tool Operation - Longer uninterrupted tool operation due to lower heat generation thanks to new Brushless Motor Technology
  • Less Maintenance - Less maintenance thanks to new Brushless Motor Technology and internal press force monitoring meaning the KPL2 only needs servicing every 2 years
  • Improved Safety and Ease of Use - Illumination of the press area for visibility and safety
Will the first generation KPL still be available?

The original KPL will be superseded by the new KPL2. Servicing and parts will still be available for the KPL tool. 

Where can I buy the KPL2 Tool?

 The new KemPress® Large tool is available now from any KemPress® stockists. You can find your closest stockist at the Where Can I Buy KemPress® page.

 If you wish to become a stockist of KemPress®  or have any questions about the KemPress® range please contact us on 1800 804 631 or use our online enquiry form.