MM Kembla has been providing our customers with the highest quality and most reliable products and services for over 100 years. Established in 1916, MM Kembla is Australia’s only copper tube manufacturer. Still operating from its original site at Port Kembla, NSW Australia. MM Kembla remains the most highly regarded supplier of integrated piping system solutions for Plumbing, HVAC-R, Medical and Industrial applications.

Whilst you may not see our products work behind walls, MM Kembla have been responsible for providing clean drinking water, heating and cooling, warm showers and critical medical gases to homes, offices and hospitals across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and the Middle East.

The MM Kembla Difference

With over 100 years experience, MM Kembla has the product and industry knowledge and technical, manufacturing and distribution know-how to provide the highest quality and most reliable products and services. Take a look at why MM Kembla has been a leading supplier in Australia and beyond for so long.

MM Kembla Quality, Reliability & Service

They key to MM Kembla’s 100 longevity has been our dedication and obsession with providing our customers with the highest quality and most reliable products and services. Take a look at what Quality, Reliability & Service means to MM Kembla.

MM Kembla Technology

A length of Kembla Copper Tube looks and works like any other, right? All press-fittings have the same features regardless of the brand you choose? All Stainless Steel is the same in quality? Let us show you some of the technology employed in our products and why MM Kembla’s products are the highest in quality and first choice for customers for so long.

One Brand. One System. One Warranty.

Piping systems are high risk as they are often hidden behind walls or in basements A failure can lead to a significant financial cost and importantly can hurt your reputation. MM Kembla range of integrated piping system products reduces risk during and after installation. There’s peace of mind with a one brand, one system and one warranty solution to your next project.

MM Kembla at a glance

Did you know 87% of the copper tube sold by MM Kembla is still manufactured in Port Kembla, Australia. A strong distribution network is critical in servicing over 2,000 locations worldwide. Have a look at some of the statistics of MM Kembla’s operation.

MM Kembla 100 year history

Did you know MM Kembla has a beach named after it at its very doorstep in Port Kembla, NSW? Want to know what happened to the first delivery of manufacturing equipment? You may need to deep dive into the English channel. MM Kembla’s unique centenary long history has many milestones for one of Australia’s iconic brands.