With over 100 years experience, MM Kembla has the product and industry knowledge and technical, manufacturing and distribution know-how to provide the highest quality and most reliable products and services.

Take a look at why MM Kembla has been a leading supplier in Australia and beyond for so many years. When you choose Kembla piping systems, there’s a difference, it’s the MM Kembla difference.

Unrivalled Customer Support

MM Kembla’s dedication to customer service and support ensures you have the right product and advice where you need it, when you need it. MM Kembla provides the highest quality customer service through:

  • Our Australian Customer Service Centre is available Monday to Friday 7:30am – 5:30pm AEST to answer all your questions regarding products, availability and urgent requirements or solutions.
  • Dedicated Australian sales team across the country available at the drop of a hat to assist. Our sales team can offer product training to merchants and installers and will also provide regular job audits as required on site.
  • Australian technical department and laboratory providing instant product support, design advice, testing, investigative analysis and technical reporting.
  • Export Sales & Customer Service team and sales agents across SE Asia & the Middle East for all sales enquiries outside of Australia
  • Subsidiaries MM Kembla New Zealand and Kembla Hong Kong providing distribution of MM Kembla products.
  • Warehouses across Australia providing the highest quality delivery service and product availability

International Distribution Network

MM Kembla operates warehouse in all Australian state capitals (except NT), providing unrivalled delivery service of piping system products and product availability where and when you need it.

You can find MM Kembla products in Australia’s largest plumbing, HVAC & Refrigeration merchants like Reece, Tradelink, Actrol, Heatcraft, Beijer Ref, Plumbing Plus and many more!

As well as our significant Australian operation, MM Kembla also distributes throughout SE Asia and the Middle East and has MM Kembla subsidiaries in both New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Strict Quality Management Systems

MM Kembla has been renowned for its quality over the past 100 years, and that hasn’t happened by accident. Kembla operates strict Quality Management Systems that are third party certified to ISO 9001.

Combined with our manufacturing and process “know-how” built on many years manufacturing in Australia, we also implement world’s best practice and an unwavering commitment to process control in ensuring the highest product quality.

Our internal quality controls exceed the testing requirements of many international manufacturing standards for product manufactured and sourced by MM Kembla. This ensures consistent quality of products day in and day out, meaning peace of mind on the job when you choose MM Kembla.

MM Kembla Integrated Piping System Warranties

Piping systems are high risk as they are often hidden behind walls or in basements A failure can lead to a significant financial cost and importantly can hurt your reputation. MM Kembla provide project specific warranties when you choose to use any products from our range of integrated piping system solutions. Protecting you and your reputation.

Kembla’s range of integrated piping system products reduces risk to all stakeholders during and after building construction

  • One Brand – backed by a trusted, reputable and local company
  • One System – if you need assistance or you have an issue, there’s no finger pointing amongst multiple suppliers
  • One Warranty – supported by a local and trusted system warranty