Project Description



180 Brisbane is a $300 million commercial development in the Brisbane CBD due for completion in late 2015. The 34 storey tower boasts the Commonwealth Bank as its major tenant and has a 6 Star Green Rating with water saving features including rainwater harvesting and landscape irrigation, as well as grey water recycling for toilet flushing.

KemPress Stainless has been used for the rising main with operating pressure of up to 2500 kPa as well as the rainwater and grey water re-use systems. Kembla Copper tube was also used with the KemPress press fit system.

MM Kembla worked closely with the hydraulic services contractor, Cooke & Dowsett to make sure the project went smoothly and that the right products and tools were used.

Chris Mutimer, the site manager for Cooke & Dowsett explained that KemPress Stainless 316 L tube and press fittings are of the highest quality, and the extensive range of fittings and adaptors helped them to complete the installation quickly and professionally. He also commented.

“MM Kembla also provided technical information in relation to pressure testing methods to ensure the system was in optimal condition when commissioned. Similarly, Kembla copper tube was chosen for the project as we know that the quality of Kembla copper tube is second to none, due to MM Kembla’s manufacturing and ISO 9001 quality testing program. Having quality copper tube is critically important, especially when using copper press fit systems as we did on this project.

Support from the Kembla team was outstanding and they responded quickly to requests for information, processing orders and training the installation team. With warehousing in all states, including the local warehouse in Brisbane, they could guarantee very fast response times for deliveries, which is critical for inner city projects like 180 Ann Street”.