Project Description



The exciting redevelopment of Darling Harbour in the heart of Sydney, with a budget of A$2.5 billion and a total project size of 20 hectares, is one of Australia’s major building ventures. A centrepiece of the project will be a new International Convention Centre surrounded by an urban neighbourhood consisting of 1,400 apartments, student accommodation, retail and commercial spaces and carparks.

Brown & Moodie Plumbing, one of Australia’s leading plumbing contractors is responsible for a major portion of the hydraulic and mechanical pipework work on this showpiece project. Over 46,000 metres or 100 tonnes of Kembla copper tube is being used on the project. Brown & Moodie’s General Manager, Greg Becker explains.

“We pride ourselves on quality installations; therefore it’s important that we align our supply chain with the highest quality product and like-minded personnel. This not only enhances our reputation but also that of our client, particularly on projects of the magnitude of Darling Harbour Live.

We’ve been around since 1947 and our longstanding reputation and longterm relationships with our clients are at stake when we choose a product. Choosing Kembla copper tube ensures we maintain our standards of excellence and ensures our confidence in the overall installation”.

Key to the high levels of service MM Kembla provides to customers is its relationship with merchants stocking Kembla product. In particular for large scale projects, the relationship between MM Kembla and its merchants ensures regular communication, support and management of product availability. At critical times of a project it is of the utmost importance that plumbers such as Brown & Moodie know they will have the right product available when they need it.

The initial stages of the project have progressed at great pace, as the Darling Harbour Live project comes to its completion in December 2016 it will be testament to the quality, reliability and service provided by all involved in the venture that will ensure its success and long-standing reputation as a world class entertainment precinct of the future.