Supporting Rare Ovarian Cancer Research – 5 days. 500km. 30 riders.

MM Kembla are pleased to be a major sponsor of Ride for Research by Rare Ovarian Cancer (ROC) Inc. taking place on the 18th – 22nd March 2024.

Ride for Research is an important cause MM Kembla are proud to be supporting with 30 riders, led by Peter Reaburn, riding 500km over 5 consecutive days to raise funds for lifesaving research into rare ovarian cancer.

Two teams will participate on the ride; The ROC ROAD TEAM, who will be covering 500km over 5 days of riding including three challenging climbs (Tawonga Gap and Rosewhite Gap, Stanley Loop, and Mt Buffalo) and two days of longer, flatter rides. The ROC RAIL TRAIL TEAM will be covering 250km over the 5 days, riding rail trails that are flatter and shorter (30-60km) in distance.

Mr Reaburn’s wife, Claire, was diagnosed at 53 years of age with Juvenile Granulosa Cell Tumour (JGCT), a rare ovarian cancer that typically affects younger females with 94% of patients under 30 years of age. Claire is the oldest female in the world to have JGCT and the youngest was diagnosed in Australia at age 11 months.

The devastating reality is that there is no cure for JGCT, nor is there research to help understand the disease. There is also no early detection test, meaning that patients are often diagnosed when it is too late.

“No previous research into this disease means no answers to move forward for treatments or clinical trials. Granulosa cell cancers have a recurrent nature that is they come back over a long length time and thus requires a lifetime of monitoring. The recurrences are generally chemotherapy resistant and tend to be highly aggressive with a poor prognosis. Hence there is a critical need to find ways to treat this disease. That is why this research is so vital.” – ROC Inc.

In 2022, ROC Inc. raised $165,000 with the goal of reaching $200,000 in 2024. ROC Inc is raising funds for research into this killer cancer for Monash University’s Hudson Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne to undertake enhanced DNA testing that could hold the answers for Rare Ovarian Cancer. Researchers have an opportunity to undertake this testing at a reduced cost and every dollar contributed counts.

Through partners at Hudson Institute of Medical Research, ROC Inc have been able to create research which is now the world’s largest for JGCT. The goal of the research is to find the mutated gene through genomics for treatment options and to find a cure. Support and donations by businesses is critical to this cause as Mr Reaburn explains:

“Ovarian cancer does not discriminate, it affects women of all ages, and we need your help to shine a light and potentially change the lives of thousands of girls and women. Support by iconic businesses like MM Kembla’s support for the Ride for Research has been critical and we hope more businesses can contribute to the cause with the goal of identifying treatment options and ultimately finding a cure”

To hear the riders’ stories and donate directly to either a team or individual rider, visit


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