Building Services Engineers (BSE) designs better outcomes for large commercial building projects using Kembla Revit content from

BSE is a long-established, successful Australian owned and operated engineering services firm that works nationwide on large projects across a range of sectors. Two distinct teams in buildings and interiors bring specialist expertise to projects, while working closely together to provide overall project management and integrated outcomes.

BSE’s unique design cycle ensures that engineering works seamlessly with design from concept to completion, across a full range of co-ordinated engineering services including mechanical, fire, hydraulic and electrical.

On large-scale commercial building projects, precision is critical, and access to accurate and reliable BIM content at the design stage helps BSE create better outcomes right through the life of projects and across the life cycle of buildings.

Sead Redzepagic, BSE National BIM Manager, said, “Good BIM content makes for better design outcomes, and ensures design integrity from the beginning to the completion of a construction project, and beyond this to the useful life of a building. Its importance can’t be overstated.”

Designing and constructing large commercial buildings is a series of trade-offs. For example, more floor space means more revenue and returns for building owners, while more ceiling height means more amenity for building occupants. To maximise space while accommodating essential services such as fire protection, hydraulics and plumbing, engineers and designers need to know precise measurements and specifications for all the pipes and fittings that are to be used.

Product content libraries need to provide 2D and 3D variations to accommodate plan views and modelling, and to make sure that what is specified will fit in the available space and will work alongside all the other ‘behind the wall’ infrastructure and services needed in a modern building.

Creating federated models helps avoid clashes and reduces variations and reworks once construction is underway, or expensive modifications once a building is operational. provides BSE accurate and up-to-date product data and parameters so they can confidently specify Kembla copper tubes and Kempress fittings knowing that they will fit and work as expected.

Sead Redzepagic, BSE National BIM Manager, said, “ provides our engineers and designers with fast and efficient access to accurate Revit content and up-to-date specifications for all the Kembla products we will use on a project, giving us confidence that what we are specifying will do the intended job in the available space, without compromise.”

Accurate BIM content also assists in the creation of ‘digital twins’ of buildings which simplifies and improves facility management once a building is operational, saving time and cost over the total life cycle of a building. This is significant given construction is only around 20% of the total life cycle cost of a building.

For BSE, good BIM content is king, and the best and most easily accessible Kembla Revit content is on or via our website.