Did you know?

MM Kembla Copper Tubes with diameters 12.70mm and under are available in two wall thicknesses suitable for R410a High-pressure refrigerants, 0.81 wall thickness and 0.91 wall thickness.
These products are suited to higher-pressure refrigerant gas and can also be recommended for use with R22, R134a lower pressure refrigerants.
The tube is cleaned and capped with pink caps so that it is easily identified as R410a compatible tube.
Sizes with a 0.81 wall thickness are generally more ‘price attractive’ and this may be used as a ‘price fighter’ if required.
The choice of which wall thickness to use should be governed by meeting the specified safe working pressures. Please refer to the summarized chart below.
For a comprehensive listing of the MM Kembla Refrigeration Tube range, please refer to technical bulletin D40/09.
*** Available in straight lengths and annealed coils.